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When it's time to leave the green screen...

Mygreat Remodeler 2E=>VLF can assist the transition!
Mygreat Technologies announces version 2.0 of its service offering utilizing sophisticated software programs that will transform a CA 2E (Synon/2E) application model into Visual LANSA Framework for Windows.

Your CA 2E developers have likely devoted thousands of hours in defining, coding, and testing the applications that until now have served the company admirably on the "green screen".  But today's users have come to expect more from their computer applications.  Most are insisting on a Windows or Browser look and feel.  They want to accomplish more with less keystrokes.  They want to be able to automatically integrate the data from their system with other PC and mobile apps (Work, Excel, email, dashboards. . .).  They're looking for their computers to present fast, accurate, and meaningful answers to them - and isn't that what modernization is really all about?

For years,
LANSA has been a leading provider of application development, modernization and integration software.  Among its suite of software products is Visual LANSA - a comprehensive Windows-based integrated development environment for cross-platform software development.  Visual LANSA's integrated development environment (IDE) enables developers to build exactly the kinds of applications the users are demanding, and deploys them to Windows, IBM i, Linux and Wireless devices.  And shipped as part of Visual LANSA, the Visual LANSA Framework is a design framework that minimizes the effort required for business-focused developers and designers to create graphical, robust Web and Windows applications or a combination of both.

What Mygreat's Remodeler software does, is extract the thousands of business definitions that comprise the CA 2E model, and imports them into the LANSA repository.  Upon delivery to the client, the modernized LANSA application behaves functionally similar to its CA 2E counterpart, but because the data definitions and business rules are now maintained by the IDE, developers can begin to easily enhance - at their own pace - the parts of the application that provide the greatest return to their company and its users.

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Mygreat Technologies is the division of Entisa Corp. utilizing software from LANSA Inc. Mygreat Technologies is a LANSA partner.
Visual LANSA and Visual LANSA Framework are trademarks of LANSA Inc.
CA 2E is a trademark of CA Technologies